They have a mission and they are always on the move. Now you can also join the super spy team of Skipper, Kowalski, Rico and Private with exciting toys from the new movie Penguins of Madagascar. Collect all the exciting toys exclusively with your favourite Happy Meal™ and team up with them on the mission. Hurry! Grab them all before they disappear.
On one side, it's the one you've always loved. On the other, it's that love affair you can't resist! One has crispy & juicy patty, crunchy iceberg lettuce & a layer of creamy mayo. The other has a twist. It has cheesy onion sauce plus an added layer of juicy tomatoes and is topped with oregano herbs. One comes with a sesame-topped bun and the other with a corn meal sprinkled bun.
Shake Shake Fries
Your favorite Shake Shake Fries with Piri Piri mix are back...But only for a limited period so rush to your nearest McDonalds now!
Starting at just Rs. 35, the chilled range of McFloats are a must have at McDonald's™ this summer!
Happiness Starts Here
Drop in at your closest McDonald's to see who's making everyone so happy? He's funny, he's cute and he's got a surprise for everyone who enjoys a Happy Meal!
Introducing the all-new royale range of burgers, made & served especially for the royalty in you. An exclusive royale feast, loaded with exotic herbs & salad leaves, tomato roundels & juicy paneer/grilled chicken patty sandwiched between corn-meal dusted buns – these power-packed delicacies will surely satisfy all your senses.
Enjoy the classic McEgg, full of proteins. An egg lover's delight, the McEgg is a unique combination of perfectly steamed egg, chopped onions with a sprinkling of magic masala sandwiched in a toasted bun.
*All prices exclusive of taxes. Prices may vary from restaurant to restaurant, area to area, region to region. Prices are subject to change without prior notification.
Add some spice to your life, with your very own McSpicy range of burgers & wraps. Tender & juicy chicken/ paneer with a crunchy batter - prepare your taste buds for a spicy hangover.
Give your mornings a swinging start with our special breakfast menu.
Hot Cakes, Veg Supreme McMuffin™, Sausage McMuffin™ and more come together to create a breakfast menu that's fit for a king!
* The timings may vary from restaurant to restaurant.
   Breakfast available in select restaurants only.
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